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Cruse Pettaway was born November 22nd, 1988 in Frankfurt Germany. A few years later he landed in his hometown Pensacola, Florida. Ridding with older siblings he began to hear the lyrics of Tupac, Hot Boys, and Master P being pushed thru highs and 12-inch subwoofers. After moving to Atlanta, Cruse spent majority of his time growing up in College Park, Ga where he began to craft his passion for music. While in middle school, Pettaway recorded his first song with late brother Ron, aka, Showtime. Inspired by his family, struggles growing up in various cities, Pettaway has developed a unique and diverse flow that speaks to the heart. “Some do it for money, others maybe for fame, but then there are a few who do it because its apart of who they are. Good music is a vibe, high, and gift from God.”

C.Pettaway: Bio
C.Pettaway: Music
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